Print Media

from newspapers to lifestyle magazines and trade publications AXISCOMM can substantiatedly recommend targeted print media to reach desired audience in any part of the world

Digital Media / worldwide

-display banner campaigns on targeted websites to increase visibility and brand awareness

-performance online campaigns: cpc, cpl, cpa, cpv basis DEM, Newsletter sponsorship

-mobile campaigns – cpm, cpc, cpi basis

 -Programmatic Advertising

OOH: Out Of Home campaigns / worldwide

AXISCOMM is in partnership with the biggest OOH providers worldwide. Offering all types of OOH advertising; Taxis, Buses, Metro, Highways, Airports anywhere in the world

TV / international and local TV campaigns

-TVC campaigns on international TV channels

-TVC campaigns on local TV channels around the world


Organizing and implementing congresses or events of every type and size, national or international, medical, scientific, social or governmental all around the world. 

Budgeting, Research & Selection of Congress Venue, Program Administration, Communication & Press.

Registration & Booking Management, New technologies, Social Program, speakers, event Management